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QualityRights materials for training, guidance and transformation


Among the four activities promoted by the WHO Collaboration Centre of Yongin Mental Hospital (KOR-103) from 2021 to 2025, the Quality Rights translation and supervision are the first activity.

The WHO’s Quality Rights initiative aims to “increase access to high-quality mental health and social services, as well as promote the rights of individuals with mental illness and psychosocial, intellectual, and cognitive disabilities.”

A total of 14 training and guidance resources are included in the effort, which are divided into core training, professional training, guide tools, service change tools and self-help tools.

Na-rae Jeong, director of clinical psychology at Yongin Mental Hospital and clinical psychology team steadily conducted Korean translation and supervision for about a year from June 2021.

From the fourth quarter of 2022, it will be distributed to mental health institutions and mental health experts in Korea, and during the re-designated period, it will be translated into three languages including Korean in the Western Pacific region and actively distribute them to related countries.

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